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    Copy and paste the code into your project’s component directory. Do not forget to update the import paths.
    // Tremor Raw Divider [v0.0.0]
    import React from "react"
    import { cx } from "@/lib/utils"
    interface DividerProps extends React.ComponentPropsWithoutRef<"div"> {}
    const Divider = React.forwardRef<HTMLDivElement, DividerProps>(  ({ className, children, ...props }, forwardedRef) => (    <div      ref={forwardedRef}      className={cx(        // base        "mx-auto my-6 flex w-full items-center justify-between gap-3 text-sm",        // text color        "text-gray-500 dark:text-gray-500",        className,      )}      {...props}    >      {children ? (        <>          <div            className={cx(              // base              "h-[1px] w-full",              // background color              "bg-gray-200 dark:bg-gray-800",            )}          />          <div className="whitespace-nowrap text-inherit">{children}</div>          <div            className={cx(              // base              "h-[1px] w-full",              // background color              "bg-gray-200 dark:bg-gray-800",            )}          />        </>      ) : (        <div          className={cx(            // base            "h-[1px] w-full",            // backround color            "bg-gray-200 dark:bg-gray-800",          )}        />      )}    </div>  ),)
    Divider.displayName = "Divider"
    export { Divider };

Example: Divider with text content

Place content inside a Divider to visually group it.

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Example: Divider with button as child

A Button used as children inside a Divider.

API Reference: Divider

This component is based on the div element and supports all of its props.