One or more line texual input.


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    // Tremor Raw Textarea [v0.0.0]
    import React from "react"
    import { cx, focusInput, hasErrorInput } from "@/lib/utils"
    interface TextareaProps  extends React.TextareaHTMLAttributes<HTMLTextAreaElement> {  hasError?: boolean}
    const Textarea = React.forwardRef<HTMLTextAreaElement, TextareaProps>(  ({ className, hasError, ...props }: TextareaProps, forwardedRef) => {    return (      <textarea        ref={forwardedRef}        className={cx(          // base          "flex min-h-[4rem] w-full rounded-md border px-3 py-1.5 shadow-sm outline-none transition-all sm:text-sm",          // text color          "text-gray-900 dark:text-gray-50",          // border color          "border-gray-300 dark:border-gray-800",          // background color          "bg-white dark:bg-gray-950",          // placeholder color          "placeholder-gray-400 dark:placeholder-gray-500",          // disabled          "disabled:border-gray-300 disabled:bg-gray-100 disabled:text-gray-300",          "disabled:dark:border-gray-700 disabled:dark:bg-gray-800 disabled:dark:text-gray-500",          // focus          focusInput,          // error          hasError ? hasErrorInput : "",          // invalid (optional)          // "aria-[invalid=true]:dark:ring-red-400/20 aria-[invalid=true]:ring-2 aria-[invalid=true]:ring-red-200 aria-[invalid=true]:border-red-500 invalid:ring-2 invalid:ring-red-200 invalid:border-red-500"          className,        )}        {...props}      />    )  },)Textarea.displayName = "Textarea"
    export { Textarea, type TextareaProps }

Example: Disabled

Example: Textarea with error

To style the Textarea for an error state, use the hasError prop.

API Reference: Textarea

This component is based on the Textarea element and supports all of its props.

Style for erroneous text area.

Default: false