Getting Started

Towards Copy & Paste

Full customization with our copy-and-paste React components.

What is Tremor Raw?

Tremor Raw offers accessible and customizable React components to build modern web applications with a special focus on dashboards.

What’s the difference between Tremor (Component Library) and Tremor Raw?

Whilst Tremor is a component libray, Tremor Raw is not. Instead components are available in plain code and can be copied from our website. This allows full customization and reflects the new wave of shipping components. In other words, sometimes copy and paste can be better than using the wrong abstraction obtained from a component library.

Why is Tremor Raw styled slightly differently from the Tremor Component Library?

We are dedicated to always the challenge the status quo of our design. This is why we tweeked and extended the components.

Do you offer a Figma file?

No, but contributions are always welcome!


Essentially, Tremor Raw is an adaptation of Radix Primitives that is styled with Tailwind CSS and adds an opinionated API design. It is influenced by shadcn/ui, Medusa UI, and React Aria components.