Latest changes, bug fixes, and new component releases

May 28, 2024

May 2024 release

Line Chart with two series.


  • LineChart0.0.0

    • Feat: Add Line Chart component
  • AreaChart0.0.0

    • Feat: Add Area Chart component
  • Calendar0.0.2

    • Fix: Today indicator disabled style
  • BarList0.1.0

    • Feat: Added sortOrder: `none` option
  • TabNavigation0.0.0

    • Feat: TabNavigation


  • chartColors0.0.0

    • Feat: Added chartColors utility
  • getYAxisDomain0.0.0

    • Feat: Added getYAxisDomain utility
  • hasOnlyOneValueForKey0.0.1

    • Feat: Added hasOnlyOneValueForKey utility
    • Fix: Dot rendering when datapoints are all the same

Apr 25, 2024

April 2024 release

Date Picker opened


  • Date Picker1.0.0

    • Feat: Date Picker component
    • Feat!: Added hh:mm time input
  • Date Picker1.0.0

    • Feat: Date Range Picker component
    • Feat!: Added hh:mm time input
  • Calendar0.0.0

    • Feat: Calendar component
  • Dropdown0.0.0

    • Feat: Dropdown component
  • Input1.0.0

    • Fix: File input outline styles
    • Fix: Add transition class to Input
    • Feat!: Making it full width to behave like a native input
    • Feat!: Pulls className into the outer most element and adds an inputClassName prop to pass styles to the nested input
  • Calendar0.0.1

    • Fix: Button Effect issues
    • Fix: Icons aria hidden

Mar 30, 2024

March 2024 release


  • Tracker0.0.1

    • Feat: Added onClick event to HoverCard to make tracker appear on touch devices.
  • BarList0.0.1

    • Fix: Improve spacing when bar is a button.
    • Fix: Improve padding for long labels.
  • Toast0.0.1

    • Fix: Improve dark mode visbility
  • Table0.0.1

    • Fix: Fix types of table elements: Table, TableHeaderCell, TableCell


  • focusRing0.0.1

    • Chore: Updated sort order and added comments
  • focusInput0.0.1

    • Chore: Updated sort order and added comments
  • hasErrorInput0.0.1

    • Chore: Updated sort order and added comments

Mar 27, 2024

Tremor Raw is live

We're excited to launch our first batch of over 20 React copy-and-paste components. Tremor Raw is not a component library. Instead components are available in plain code and can be copied from our website.

This offering complements our Tremor Component Library (NPM Package) and appeals to developers who seek full customization of our components.

Composition of different components